Our Story

For goodness’ sake, we’re trying to bring coffee drinkers and coffee growers as close together as possible. Because when you know who is growing your coffee, how hard they’re working and how much they’re being paid, you can enjoy each cup that much more. To us, truly good coffee is about taste and flavor, but also about making good choices from seed to cup.

For perfection’s sake, our coffee is picked at the exact peak of ripeness—not by machine—but by skilled hands that knowingly leave the bitter green beans and pluck only the ripest red ones. In fact, the entire 32-step process of growing, picking and milling our coffee is done without shortcuts or timesavers. Only by the hands, eyes and instinct of the farmers who make it all possible.

For transparency’s sake, we partner with Farmers to 40 to make sure that a fixed percentage of what we pay for our coffee is returned directly to the farmers who grow it. That’s typically double the fair trade price. We have visited the farms and seen the time, commitment and skill that go into growing delicious coffee. The farmers do the hard work, paying them equitably is the easy part.

For community’s sake, we want to build relationships where our coffee is sold just like we’ve built relationships where our coffee is grown. That means our other offerings include freshly squeezed juices made from locally grown fruits and vegetables as well as a curated selection of local craft beer. At Apanas Coffee & Beer, we want to support our community, and also invite it to come in, enjoy a brew and stay awhile.