The Process





At Apanas Coffee & Beer, the many steps that our coffee goes through ensures that the coffee we serve is not only some of the best tasting in the world, but also that it is environmentally friendly, and organically grown, taking no shortcuts along the way. The only way our farmers are able to do this is by hand picking each bean off the branch at its ripest, examining them for defects, and making sure that each bean is washed, and dried properly.

The key here is that no top-quality coffee is produced without the touch of countless hands. We want our customers to realize how much time, skill, and attention growing good quality coffee really takes, which is why our goal is to bridge the gap between consumers and producers, so that as a customer, you are questioning the coffee you are drinking, and how much the farmer is actually getting paid. We see the farmers we source from as partners, which is why we are committed to paying a fixed percentage of what we pay for a pound of coffee directly back to the farmer. It’s about time farmers are actually treated fairly. At Apanas Coffee & Beer we have met our farmers, seen the process, and know where our money is going. Ask us about our coffee, we can’t wait to tell you about it.



A Little Bit of Everything

At Apanas, we want to include anyone who walks through our doors as part of our family. We offer not only organic, shade grown, sustainably sourced coffee, but also freshly squeezed juice to order, 20 taps of craft beer, a wide array of wine and food from local Austin business. For the early birds we have some incredible breakfast tacos from Tyson’s Tacos. We also offer sandwiches from Fricano’s Deli, pastries from Quack’s 43rd St Bakery and other snack foods.

A Productive Atmosphere

At either of our locations, you can find plenty of seating, outlets, and pleasant music perfect for getting work done, a meeting, or just to hang out and catch up with a friend. We’ll also always be there to make sure you have a great time no matter the reason you’re here.